About us

Geek Heads IT Services is focused on providing high quality computers services and repair in the Coimbatore region. We have been providing services for the past 9+ years in providing hardware support, software support, office network configuration services to ensure there is business continuity. Most of our customers are long term in nature, which is a testament to our high quality computer services in the coimbatore region.

Value Proposition

Geeksheads’ primary goal is to provide a high quality of computer services in the Coimbatore region to ensure their customers have good reliability on their IT infrastructure.  We also ensure the customer get maximum return on their IT infrastructure investment

How to provide IT services

We pride ourselves in providing high-tech IT services for our business to ensure the technology they are currently using ensure their business needs are met. Our technicians fully understand the needs of the business and tailor our IT services to meet the business goals.   We provide both on-premises and remote support.   Remote IT services support is a key part of our value proposition, this is primarily to ensure customers get timely support instead of waiting for technical support.

We understand the IT services needs for the Coimbatore business, so we tailor our services and solutions to cater to the needs of our corporate customers.   Most of our IT services solutions are long-term in nature, this way the corporate customer doesn’t need to keep calling us all the time to do the same type of IT services work. We do this by identifying the root cause of the issue and provide a comprehensive solution with both technical and business solutions.  This has us the hallmark of our services for many years in the Coimbatore region.

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