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With so many smartphones flooding the gadget market, it is no surprise that some of them start malfunctioning with time. After all, every phone is like a small computer, with its own file system and operating system.

As for now, we have three different types of operating systems running in our smart phones, namely Android for major brands, iOS for our favorite Apple iPhones and Windows for Lumia phones. With different operating systems, faults and issue are also inevitably in a vast range. If you live in Coimbatore, and you are facing any issue with your smartphone, you don’t have to look any further for help. Geek Heads IT Services provide a number of services when it comes to your favorite smartphone.

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Android Phone Service

Android Phone Service

We all know how Android phones accumulate unnecessary files gradually. These unnecessary files can be deleted with some apps like clean master. Such softwares also help you in deleting some stubborn files too. But the truth remains unaltered, android devices do get slow and start hanging in time. And then we have issues like a phone malfunctioning to an extent that it simply crashes down to a brick. If your phone is in warranty, a brand specific service center may be a good option. For others, such places end up being a money minting store that keeps adding one charge on another in their invoice, creating a hole in the customer’s pocket. This is where Geek Heads comes into play. Our team of extensively trained professionals is expert in handling all the issues that can arise in an android phone.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians is well equipped with the technical knowhow of handling apple devices. We believe in providing best treatment to our customers. We handle the complete range of apple devices, from Mac to iPod. All versions are welcome with same enthusiasm. We all have a friend or two who had their iPhones imported from their relatives in USA. While buying a contract phone seems a good bargain, getting it unlocked for another country is an entirely different story. At Geek Heads, we are eager to help you in unlocking, or as they call it, jailbreaking your pride possession from US. We also help you in setting up your iTunes software and tweak it to make it easier to store your favorite songs.

Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad Repair

Apple devices services

OS and Software Upgrade and Downgrade

It happens sometimes, that an upgrade for your phone makes your phone lag. Other times, you don’t like your phone’s OS upgrade much and feel your phone was better with the older version of operating system. On the contrast, sometimes you want your old smartphone feel like a new upgraded version but realize there is no OS upgrade available for your device. Geek Heads understands your dilemma and comes to your aid. We provide upgrades or downgrades for your fancy gadget as per your liking. We also help you in rooting your android device and customize it as per your liking.

We are all aware of the fact that touchscreen phones come with a life span which varies on how we use them. While gorilla glass and such tough screens last longer than the rest, no screen is immune to gradual wear and tear. In rare instances, a display falls prey to rough handling and frequent drops on a hard surface. And how can we forget touch sensors? The screen looks hale and hearty, while the touch interface is all worn down and needs replacement. Another common issue is the battery. Smartphones and batteries don’t seem to go along very well. With screen active for a larger chunk of daily life, battery is sure to drain out quickly and we keep the phone plugged to a charger or a portable charger all day long. We understand these underlying issues well and are happy to help you with replacing these parts of your phone with pleasure. Rest assured, we provide genuine spare parts for your phone. A phone is only as good as the quality of hardware it is built on. Be it a broken screen, battery replacement or an issue with the motherboard. At Geek Heads IT Services, we cover the entire spectrum of hardware issues pertaining to your Apple device. Our extreme passion and love for Apple products drives our desire to raise the level of service in the mobile device repair industry. Believe us when we say, there’s nothing in your Apple device we can’t fix.​

Display, Battery and Touch Digitizer Replacement

Smartphone Parts Replacement

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